Worship Team

Our life mission is to stay close to the heart of God.


God's transforming grace is at the heart of everything we do -- it is why we exist and it empowers all that we do [Ephesians 2:4-10]


Investigating and responding to God's great love for us by building a loving, growing relationship with Him. [Romans 12:1-2]


Doing life together. Each of us is designed to do the Jesus-centered life together -- not apart or alone. [Matthew 12:46-50; John 1:12]

Praise and worship is an expression of love and gratitude toward an Almighty God. At Awake Christian Church, we count it a privilege to be a part of such a great weekly celebration to give God all that we are. We invite you to celebrate with us.
Rejoice with your voice, reflect with your heart, renew your mind, revive your spirit.



Pete studied at the Bloom School Jazz in Chicago Illinois. Pete Plays bass and guitar. Pete has been worship leading for 30 years. Pete enjoys multiple styles of music including writing and arranging. Pete has played and recorded with multiple artists including:
The Drifters
The Coasters
The Legends Rock 'n Roll Review Show
Mercy River
Tommy Walker
Sherry Keaggy
Jeff Fenholt
Beau Williams
Alfi Silas
and many more...

Tom luikart
keys & trumpet

Tom Luikart is multi talented with skills in Trumpet and Keys.
Tom has a degree in music and is an accomplished writer and arranger.
Tom has taught and performed music in some capacity most of his life.
Korg is his axe of choice.


Frank “Frank O” Tuckwiller is a seasoned saxophonist. Playing alto and soprano sax, his range and style are limitless. Frank is the “golden ear” when creating, arranging and recording. Frank knows how to take a musical idea and run with it! Frank plays locally within community bands and orchestras, the King Center, Cocoa Village Playhouse, and the Henegar Center.

Bryan & Monica Kirkpatrick
Vocals & Worship Leading

Bryan & Monica are loyal charter members of ACC who lead worship with
voice. Anointed and gifted singers, Bryan and Monica usher in the Spirit of God
each Sunday with song, prayer and encouragement.