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  • 10:30 AM
  • 2285 Minton Rd, West Melbourne, FL 32904 (Veterans Memorial Complex)
  • 321-536-2067
  • Pastor Pete Balciunas

From Ladders to Wrestling: Instructive Examples of Jacob

As we have studied the life of Abraham,we have learned that the people of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, are common individuals doing uncommonly great things. These individuals are real people, just like you and I. Their story is in this great book for purpose and meaning. It grounds us and gives us direction in 2020.
Jacob is no different. A less-than-perfect individual who robs his own brother of his birthright, has visions of a ladder that stretches to heaven and experiences a world-class wrestling match with God Himself offers us valuable instructive examples for us today. Come be encouraged as we apply ancient truth to our contemporary lives in 2020.

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 who we are


Awake Christian Church is a non-denominational church near you in West Melbourne Florida. Our life mission is to stay close to the heart of God. We believe in the power of God through the Holy Spirit moving with Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance through worship, teaching and prayer. Knowing God, Loving God and loving one another is the highest calling for every person on earth. We welcome anyone and everyone to visit our Sunday service.  We are a community growing in the values of genuine worship, family, and kingdom. We don't claim to be perfect yet we all do our best to serve a perfect Triune God. Come discover what Awake is all about!

God the father

We believe in one true God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that as human beings we are created by God, through sin we are separated from Him, and through Christ's death and resurrection we can be restored to intimate relationship with Him for all eternity. We believe in God's Word and in the Church as His redemptive tool on earth until Jesus returns and every person recognizes that Jesus Christ is Lord.


God's transforming grace is at the heart of everything we do -- it is why we exist and it empowers all that we do [Ephesians 2:4-10]


Investigating and responding to God's great love for us by building a loving, growing relationship with Him. [Romans 12:1-2]


Experience life together. Each of us is designed to do the Jesus-centered life together -- not apart or alone. [Matthew 12:46-50; John 1:12


Sharing God's transforming grace with others just as He shared it with us in His Son Jesus Christ. [Mark 1:15; 2 Corinthians 5:17-19]

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