what we believe

Our life mission is to stay close to the heart of God.


God's transforming grace is at the heart of everything we do -- it is why we exist and it empowers all that we do [Ephesians 2:4-10]


Investigating and responding to God's great love for us by building a loving, growing relationship with Him. [Romans 12:1-2]


Doing life together. Each of us is designed to do the Jesus-centered life together -- not apart or alone. [Matthew 12:46-50; John 1:12]

ACC statement Of Vision

Awake Christian Church
Exists To...

Awake Christian Church exists to lead spiritually convinced and unconvinced people to complete commitment to Jesus Christ. Awake Christian Church exists to bring God glory and affirm His design upon the earth with giftings empowered by the Holy Spirit. This is our vision.

ACC statement Of Purpose

Who We Are

A purpose statement should reflect what we believe about God, ourselves and others. It also directs and reflects all that we do as a church -- where and how we direct our resources and energy. We pursue this purpose by means of four core values that govern how we do church and life together. To that end, ACC is committed to the following purpose and values.



God loves us and he loves us even though we do not deserve his love because of our rebellion against him. In fact, he loves us so much that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place – to pay the penalty for our sin.  That is what the bible means by grace.  It’s God’s riches at Christ’s expense. And it’s undeserved.  And it has the power to change everything.  If you want to read a verse or two in the Bible about it, look up Ephesians 2:4-10 or Romans 5:8.


Worship begins to happen when we respond to grace by investigating and responding to God’s great love for us.  We do that by building a loving, growing relationship with him. The more we understand and experience his grace, the more we will desire to love God with all of our heart, mind, and soul.  Worship includes singing, praying, and giving, but it really is a total life experience.  When it comes to worship, Romans 12:1-2 help to set the foundation for us.


When you respond to God’s grace, you become part of a new family – the family of God (see John 1:12 & Matthew 12:46-50).  By family, we mean that we belong to one another and that we are designed to do the Jesus-centered life together — not alone or apart. We want to grow in our love for one another as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.


When we use the term Purpose, we are talking about sharing God’s transforming grace with others around us, in the city, and around the world, just as God shared it with us in his Son, Jesus Christ.  This includes both acts of mercy and grace as well as verbally telling people about Christ and how they can be changed. Grow in your purpose. Check out Mark 1:15, Matthew 6:10, and Matthew 6:33.  Another set of foundational verses for us in this area is 2 Corinthians 5:17-19.